“My research examines how local people engage in collective action to alleviate poverty. The International Faculty Fellowship (IFF) has supported me to take Cornell students to Indonesia to work with local communities and to consider the possibility of expanding my comparative research in Southeast Asia to include Myanmar.” – Victoria Beard. IFFs are appointed by the Einaudi Center, and they work with the Center to strengthen international research and teaching at Cornell and foster new cross-college connections.   
The Task Force on Cornell’s Global Presence and Partnerships will soon begin work to establish international partnerships. It will consider the feasibility of establishing permanent physical bureaus around the world.
ILR Professor Gary Fields wins award for outstanding achievement in the field of labor economics.
A total of $350,000 in funding is available to Cornell faculty through the new Internationalizing the Cornell Curriculum (ICC) grant program. ICC grants will support projects which integrate international and cross-cultural concepts into the curriculum and expand opportunities for students to engage in meaningful international experiences. Learn more.. click here  
Global Cornell
At Cornell, we strive to educate our students for global citizenship - to instill a spirit of enquiry about our diverse global society and prepare them to live and work in an increasingly interdependent world. This document celebrates our successes to date and presents key priorities moving forward. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the international initiatives underway on Cornell’s campuses. And we hope you will join the Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs in supporting our shared vision for a truly Global Cornell. (Download PDF)
In an exclusive symposium designed for Cornell students, officials from the United Nations detailed a new 15-year initiative on battling climate change worldwide.